A Charity Partner Story: Bree’s 5-Year Remission

If you may not know, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital P.O.R.T (Pediatric Oncology Resource Team) is the Charity Partner for Lake Michigan RTS. The story of Bree Town is just one example of why we love Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and are overjoyed to be able to donate all proceeds from Lake Michigan RTS to the Pediatric Oncology Resource Team (P.O.R.T.). Bree is celebrating five years of being cancer free! On May 2, 2012, Bree was 8 years old when her mom took her to the doctor with a small fever. What they thought would just be strep throat led to a mother’s worst nightmare. Bree was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. While Bree was receiving chemo, the Town family was told that even one germ could kill her. After 184 days spent in the hospital and a roller coaster of a couple of years, Bree went into remission at 10 years old. But the ride wasn’t over yet. During fourth grade, her cancer came back strong. The doctors decided that Bree would need a bone marrow transplant. Her parents were told, if this doesn’t work, she will die. If the transplant works, she may live. Can you imagine? They were able to find a bone marrow match from a man in Germany. Not only did the bone marrow have to fly across the world, but it did so during a snowstorm—causing a delay and even more waiting for a very ill Bree. The bone marrow transplant was a success, but it did not come easy. Bree almost died several times, she took 48 pills a day, was on long term IVs which damaged her kidneys and had her gallbladder removed. Four hours, 15 days and a long 5-year journey later, Bree is now an active 15 year old living her life to the fullest—Bree-lieving! —- So what can you do to help? Set up your own personal fundraising page today. Share your page wide and far to support your race and help more patients and families like Bree. Visit the link here to start today!