Meet the programs Lake Michigan RTS Supports

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital supports kids and families in many different ways. Lake Michigan RTS 10k has selected two programs to receive our donation this year. Learn more about Child Life Services and Pediatric Oncology Resource Team (P.O.R.T.)

Child Life Services The health care environment can bring about many new and sometimes stressful experiences for both children and families. As part of the hospital team, our child life specialists are here to support children and families through this experience. Certified child life specialists combine play with education to explain medical procedures and provide therapeutic opportunities to explore the hospital environment.

As part of our child life services, a hospital teacher helps children keep up with school work to ease their transition back to school when they are well. For those with a love of music, music therapy is available to help reduce stress and anxiety and improve coping skills.  In addition, our library on the first floor of the hospital provides patients and their families with a place to choose a book, play with puzzles and other games and spend time in a child-friendly learning environment.

Pediatric Oncology Resource Team (P.O.R.T.)

For children and their families battling cancer over several months or years, support is critical. The Pediatric Oncology Resource Team (P.O.R.T.) is a group of volunteer families that serves other families who have a child battling cancer or a life-threatening blood disorder.

P.O.R.T. offers information regarding cancer and blood disorders diagnoses, treatments, coping skills and parenting methods. P.O.R.T. also offers services designed to make your days a little easier such as P.O.R.T. Care Bags, medication coolers, an inpatient snack pantry and phone/gas cards to qualifying families.