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Lake Michigan RTS VIP Experience

Get the full Lake Michigan RTS VIP Experience:  VIP, or also known as: Very Important Participant. Ok, EVERYONE who runs Lake Michigan RTS is a “very important participant,” but there is something special about being a designated VIP. You get perks – and we mean all the perks.  What to Expect: Your VIP experience starts with […]

A Charity Partner Story: Bree’s 5-Year Remission

If you may not know, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital P.O.R.T (Pediatric Oncology Resource Team) is the Charity Partner for Lake Michigan RTS. The story of Bree Town is just one example of why we love Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and are overjoyed to be able to donate all proceeds from Lake Michigan RTS to the Pediatric […]

Staycation in Michigan

Not planning a getaway to someplace with palms, sunshine, and sand this year? That’s okay. Call it a staycation. Call it holding down the fort. Just don’t call it boring. We collaborated with Michigan Awesome to round-up… The Best Ideas to Turn Your Staycation into the BEST Vacation: Photo from @MichiganAwesome || Presenting Sponsor of […]

A word from our presenting partner… MICHIGAN AWESOME

What makes Lake Michigan RTS 10k so special? Is it the beautiful course? Yes. Is it the incredible volunteer crew? Yes. Is it our AWESOME partners? Heck yes! Even better? Our partners are as excited to be a part of this Michigan-made adventure as we are to have them. Here is a word from Michigan […]